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My father, Daryl G Colburn, taught me everything I know about copper art. He was a world renowned artist with over 40 years experience. As a child, he would take me to shows, had me work in his booth, and fully immersed me in the arts. In 2011 he passed away suddenly leaving behind some of his final creations. 
Below are the works still available for sale. The proceeds of which would go to his three children. If you have any questions or would like to see see any of the pieces in person or at your home, please contact me.

Profile Picture of Daryl Colburn
Aqueous $3000
Augmented $2600
Autumn Vale $6000
Cosmos of an Ameboa $4800
Doorway $4000
Breath of God $12000
First Leap $4500
Majic Maker $7000
Metanoia $7000
Potlatch $7000
New Leaf $2500
Pristine Renewal $3000
Shattared $3000
Somewhere in Time $6500
The Scent of Roses $3000
The Work $4500
Traveling light, into the Fold $3500
Yesterday Unfettered $4500
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